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In today’s top story, Dr. Mercola reports about a problem that is growing, and should be of concern to every parent of every kid out there. Once again, we hear about the dangers of vaccines, including the newest reports which show that many kids are being harmed or killed by the relatively new Gardasil vaccine. The vaccine, which is supposed to reduce cervical cancer in girls, has actually caused some cases of cancer, and many deaths. The vaccine is now being marketed to boys as well by Big Pharma, in an effort to ramp up sales before they have to take it off the market. Read this important article here.


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Today Mike Adams of Natural News TV brings us part 2 of his compelling interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Fascinating discussions of the epidemiology of infectious diseases, vaccine dangers, and the “business” of health in America. Please watch the video here.

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Today’s must-read article comes to us from Dr. Mercola and explains everything you need to know about vaccines, the vaccine-autism debate, Dr. Wakefield, and what we, as parents, need to know when it comes to vaccinating our children.  The video interview with Dr. Wakefield (linked in the article) is an absolute must-see.  It should be required viewing for every parent, as well as every person in the medical profession.  Please have a look… I think you will agree it is something we need to educate more people about. Click here to view the article.

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This morning, Natural News TV aired the first of a three-part series with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British scientist who has been at the center of a huge controversy about vaccines and autism. In this interview, Dr. Wakefield describes what happened and why. Fascinating stuff…. please watch the video here.

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Toxic Tipping Point is a clearly-written and well thought out review of what we know currently about mercury, autism, vaccines, and even how our amalgam fillings may tip the scales when it comes to children being diagnosed with ASD. The article also clearly explains why our government is so slow to do anything about it…  (can you say “liability”?)…..

Please click here for the article… it’s well worth reading!

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This just in! As predicted, it looks at though Dr. Andrew Wakefield will be vindicated after all. Here’s the article from Natural News, and a previous article under that, in case you weren’t familiar with what was happening….. and a statement from Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey about Dr. Wakefield and what is going on…..

Dr. Wakefield’s Results were accurate; British Medical Journal now discredited

Dr. Wakefield Will Be Vindicated

The Dis-crediting of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Controversy surrounding his findings….

Statement from Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

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