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I have started this site to encourage an open discussion about several important topics that I am passionate about, including GMOS, fluoride, vaccines, vaccine/autism link, and anything else I might find interesting from gay rights to conspiracy theories….  join the discussion and let’s have some fun! Please keep it clean and courteous, or your comments will be promptly removed. : )

The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the tendency of the general population to believe whatever is told to them, whether by doctors, the government, etc.  It is meant to be humorous and in no way implies that I think all of my readers are sheep!

In the links on the right are to articles I have researched and collected over the last several years.  I am compiling them here so you don’t have to! My goal is to find the truth about these issues, so naturally I am suspicious of anything the FDA, CDC, WHO and other corporate-run organizations have to say…  I will attempt to weed out the junk science and bring you the real information.

The links the “Great Links” section are the important websites that I believe are dedicated to educating us about the important health topics we are facing today.


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