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Toxic Tipping Point is a clearly-written and well thought out review of what we know currently about mercury, autism, vaccines, and even how our amalgam fillings may tip the scales when it comes to children being diagnosed with ASD. The article also clearly explains why our government is so slow to do anything about it…  (can you say “liability”?)…..

Please click here for the article… it’s well worth reading!


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An excellent article today from Dr. Mercola discusses the dangers of amalgam fillings, and what you can do about them. Unfortunately, if you are like me, you have a mouth full of them. After reading the article, I am making an appointment to get them all removed as soon as possible.

I found it especially intersting to read Dr. Mercola’s comparison between mercury-contaminated fish (which we have been warned about), and the fillings in your mouth (which we have not)….you may be surprized to find out how much toxic mercury you are ingesting on a daily basis. Watch this unbelievable video – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Why have so many other countries banned the use of amalgam fillings, but the US hasn’t?  The FDA, resposible for protecting us, has a huge conflict of interest. Why is the FDA so reluctant to ban mercury fillings? Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The FDA remains adamant in protecting mercury fillings, which no doubt has at least something to do with its commissioner. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has an egregious conflict of interest on amalgam, yet participated in the rulemaking that led to last year’s abysmal amalgam rule. Hamburg entered the FDA through the revolving government/private industry door after allegedly making millions as the director of Henry Schein Inc., the largest seller of amalgam (mercury fillings).”

Click here to read the rest of this important and informative article.

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