In this article from the Wall Street Journal, it is fairly easy to see that the federal judge, Jeffrey S. White, had the safety of the people in mind when he placed a ban on the genetically modified Roundup Ready sugar beet, stating that more safety studies needed to be conducted before this menace was unleashed onto the public. The USDA defied the judge’s order and told farmers they could go ahead and plant the frankenfood.  Clearly the USDA does not have the best interests of the public at heart.  Read the article here.


Today Mike Adams of Natural News TV brings us part 2 of his compelling interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Fascinating discussions of the epidemiology of infectious diseases, vaccine dangers, and the “business” of health in America. Please watch the video here.

Today’s must-read article comes to us from Dr. Mercola and explains everything you need to know about vaccines, the vaccine-autism debate, Dr. Wakefield, and what we, as parents, need to know when it comes to vaccinating our children.  The video interview with Dr. Wakefield (linked in the article) is an absolute must-see.  It should be required viewing for every parent, as well as every person in the medical profession.  Please have a look… I think you will agree it is something we need to educate more people about. Click here to view the article.

In a timely article in today’s Daily Mail UK, Fred Pearce explains why the premise behind Monsanto’s GM movement to ‘feed the people’ is false. As many of you already know, we already produce enough food to feed the entire planet. The problem is not in quantity, as the GM advocates would have you believe…… growing GM crops is NOT the answer to the problem of getting the poorer nations fed.  Read this very informative article here.

This morning, Natural News TV aired the first of a three-part series with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British scientist who has been at the center of a huge controversy about vaccines and autism. In this interview, Dr. Wakefield describes what happened and why. Fascinating stuff…. please watch the video here.

I just came across this article by F. William Engdahl about Tamiflu, Rumsfeld, and the flu pandemic that never was…  a most interesting, if disheartening read. Although we all know this happens every day at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors, it is especially heinous to know that these people can get away with this so easily…. and at the expense, or at least the gross manipulation, of the American public. Please read this very informative article here.

An article today from Laetitia Mailhes describes the intent of several watch-dog groups to hold Monsanto accountable for the damage they do to organic/sustainable farming. As I have said before, change happens in the courtroom; these groups will endeavor to limit the damage done by Monsanto’s GMO crops, as well as to protect organic farmers’ crops from GMO contamination. God speed to the lawyers fighting the good fight!  You can find the article here.